Artist Statement

People often ask me, "Why do you paint in so many different styles?"

First of all the term "styles" is actually inaccurate. I have only one dominant style of painting, however, I enjoy painting many different "themes". I would describe my style as loose, textured contemporary.

Growing up in a prairie city, surrounded by great openness, has developed into what I refer to as "prairie abstracts". I feel these abstracts have a strong connection to the prairies, ultimately inspired by the world in which I've grown, producing pieces that look, and more importantly, feel like a safe and quiet place to go. I am certainly not trying to paint the prairies in a landscape style but I am certainly trying to capture their mood.

The city itself, which I love in all its different flavours from my point of view as a musician for over 30 years, has had a major influence on my work that I cannot discount. The cityscapes and musical portraits reflect that.

Now having lived in a rural community for the last couple of years of course I am influenced by the animals, structures and lake prairie environment in which I'm surrounded.

I try to remain open to all these influences. Quite often even during the course of a day, I will jump back and forth between these different themes and enjoy the cross pollination they all receive from one another. I have noticed through the years the themes have begun to merge along similar lines of application, texture, colour and so I become very excited about where these will go in the future. Sometimes I try to guide the process but more often I will let the process happen as I jump back and forth. I do try to stay loose so that they will retain that strong contemporary style that flows more easily with my energy.

In all my themes I try to retain consistent effects ... vitality of brushwork, textural elements palette knife etc, an inner glow, and a feeling of intimacy through close-cropped composition. I enjoy painting treescapes just as much as abstracts. What is even more exciting however is watching these themes merge through stylistic and technical approach, coming together in ways that would never happen if I were to limit my range of themes.

I feel this approach of melding all these themes with a consistent textural approach is a key to my evolution as a a painter. More and more I have also become intrigued by and active with mulitimedia applications such as metal leafing, and the use of drawing media. These things added into the mix will propel my work even beyond the confines of just painting. The metal leafing at times almost reflects a renaissance feel.

Overall, my work still continues to be influenced by my other personal interests; cycling, yoga, eastern arts, philosophy, and jazz music. Travel to other places such as Europe has connected me to approaches on the global level. I feel I am exploring at an even deeper level, the vibrations of energy that flows through all these things. My mission is still to capture the resonance and the energy within and reveal it through the manipulation of my colour choices, composition, and textures.

I continue also to rework, recycle or remove pieces that are no longer reflective of where I am currently and... I do not consider pieces finished until they leave the studio. So it all remains "open" to evolution until it leaves.