It’s often pointed out that I paint in many “styles” which is actually a bit inaccurate. I would describe my style as structured contemporary, however, I enjoy painting many different "themes". 

Growing up in a prairie city, surrounded and influenced by great openness, I developed what I refer to as "prairie abstracts”. Pieces that feel like a comfortable, safe and quiet place to go. Plus, the city itself, which I love in all its different flavours, has had a major influence on my work reflected in the cityscapes and musical portraits. 

Now having lived in a rural community for the last few years, I am influenced by the animals, structures and lake prairie environment by which I'm currently surrounded. 

Remaining open to these influences, I will often jump back and forth between themes and projects enjoying the cross-pollination between them. They have begun to merge along similar lines of application, colour, mood and feel so I become very excited about where these will go in the future. Sometimes I try to guide the process but more often I will let it happen, continually trying of let go of expectations so that they will retain a strong contemporary style that flows more easily with energy. 

Currently, I’m just leaning more towards neutrality, a more limited palette, and trying to break up the clean colour. It’s the mood I want to capture... more distant like an older photo or distant hazy memory containing an inner light. I employ multimedia applications such as a renaissance style metal leafing to take the work even beyond the confines of painting and more into the layered “building” of a piece.

Accepting the nature of evolution and impermanence, I continue to rework, recycle or retire pieces that are no longer reflective of where I am currently. I do not consider pieces finished until they leave the studio so it all remains open to this evolution until it leaves.

Overall, my work continues to be influenced by other personal interests; cycling, yoga, eastern arts, and jazz guitar. Travel to other places such as Europe has connected me to approaches on the global level. My mission is still to capture the resonance, mood and vitality within a piece and hopefully reveal it through the manipulation of my colour choices, composition, and textures.