Commissions :

A large part of Larry's business is spent producing custom made pieces for discerning clients with special spatial requirements. This sector includes the new Winnipeg home market, working with people building new homes with large open spaces as well as commercial clients such as the hotel industry looking for large scale pieces for special spaces.

Whether you're a new homeowner or just looking to renovate, or perhaps a business looking for a unique and professional upgrade, Larry would be happy to work with you to develop a unique commissioned art piece. From Abstract and Image paintings on canvas to large murals and restorations, Larry can help transform your space, big or small.

4 Steps in creating a commissioned piece :

1) A commissioned art process begins by meeting with the client to "brainstorm" ideas, develop concepts and determine budget.
2) Sketches, if required, are produced and dimensions and colours are determined.
3) Approval if needed on final drawings and final cost quotes are provided before the piece is started and viewing is arranged near completion. Deposit of 25% is obtained to begin to help cover material costs.
4) Delivery and hanging of the completed piece finalizes the process.

Time to Completion :

The time it takes for completion of a commissioned piece depends on a few factors - the size, complexity of the piece, and the artist's current job schedule. Generally speaking, turnover rate for a custom piece is relatively quick - usually within a few weeks to a month of final approval barring unusual circumstances. Shipping time should also be considered if outside the Winnipeg area.

Rates/Cost :

The costs associated with a commissioned piece depends upon time put into the piece. Time is affected directly by the size, complexity of the piece, and materials involved. Of course, the clients budget is also taken into consideration from the initial planning phase. Shipping costs will be added if shipping is required.

Shipping :

If you are unable to pick up your commissioned art piece at the artist's studio, shipping can be arranged. Once the artwork is securely and properly packed for shipping, it can be sent anywhere in the world. This cost would be added to the cost of the piece. Any other special arrangements can be made through the artist.

A commissioned art piece designed by Larry Rich is the perfect way to transform a residential space. Whether the client is a new home owner with empty walls or looking to renovate an existing space, Larry has designed a variety of abstract or image painting on canvas in a wide range of themes