Larry Rich began his art career studying Graphic Design and many hours in live studio drawing through the WAG Live Studio sessions and the Winnipeg Sketch Club learning to capture the human form quickly and confidently.

Although his knowledge of composition, colour, and form came from the classroom, most of his practical training came from many formative years spent learning basic traditional methods on commercial jobsites often working alongside craftspeople skilled in old world techniques such as gilding... one of many techniques you will find used in his art.

Rich spent many years producing mural art and learning the art of restoration through projects such as the Winnipeg landmark Hotel Fort Garry and the recently restored Royal Coat of Arms for the Viscount Gort Hotel in Winnipeg, a piece crafted originally in the 17th century on the Isle of Mann. This time period he considers his true trial-by-fire instruction and training in his craft in the form of large commercial projects often employing crews of artists. This is the type of education one cannot buy in a classroom. Nor is it the standard route of emerging artists. It was a unique and intense period of active learning through invaluable opportunities.

Through all these years of intense work at the commercial level, Rich gradually began to combine these "street" skills with his graphic design and drawing studies evolving a unique style for art on canvas making a living as a full time artist for over 20 years. He has produced, literally thousands of pieces for a wide client base across North America. In the last 10 years Rich has focused on building a very personal and unique presence on canvas in local galleries such as Winnipeg's Birchwood Gallery and expanding into a more national presence across Canada such as Webster Gallery in Calgary. He's been invited to participate in international group shows such as Ferrara Italy in 2012 and was selected as a Golden sponsored artist by Golden Paints of New York to represent their product as an educator in Manitoba.

Some of the success Rich has enjoyed over the years, he's begun to return to the community, as emerging artists fill his teaching workshops. His experience has earned him the respect of local artists, enough to have him judge several Interlake juried art shows.
He donates pieces to many worthy fund raising causes such as the Canadian Cancer Society and Winnipeg Humane Society and various other arts and cultural groups.

In his other passion, music, Larry continues to play bass part time in various formats at "boutique" venues around Winnipeg and the Manitoba Interlake. His approach to music follows the same lines as his art; expressive, creative and personal with an emphasis on space, energy, and vitality.